Rose & Spice Organics

A collection of wonderful skincare products, plus essential oils that clients really love because they cane see, feel and smell the natural difference! Amazing!

If you are hunting for real old-fashioned French & Egyptian style creams and balms look no further. We have you covered! 

If you are looking for essential oils that are genuine look no further. We have you covered!

We'll be offering more options soon. If you have any special requests let us know.


No products found in this collection

New exfoliating express facials to enjoy this autumn!

Enjoy a choice of two new Rhonda Allison 'chirally correct' express treatments.

1. 'Prep & Prime' offers antibacterial support for those who need it. A great idea for teens or anyone wanting fresh beautiful skin!

2. 'Pumpkin Peptide Polish' offers antioxidant support and stimulates collagen. A great anti-aging express treatment to diminish the effects of the summer sun.

Located inside SOLA SALON SUITES in Colleyville