About the Owner

The English Rose Organic Spa was founded in 2010 by Ruth, after servicing clients in Colleyville since 2000. She journeyed away from the typical spa world after becoming very sick from the toxics she was exposed to (absorbing) after daily use of synthetic spa facial products in the treatment room. Because her health was in danger, with ridiculously high estrogen levels she was on a quest to work in a chemical free environment using safe pure products of her choice. Ruth was highly aware of the dangers of using toxic products in the treatment room. She has been on a mission for years to provide the very best for every client she takes care of. Her conscience and heart won't let her do any less!

Ruth is dual licensed. She is a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of Texas and California. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas. She is also studying to take her national certification in the US as a Certified Aromatherapist, though she has been working in aromatherapy her whole career, ever since taking her first in-depth course in college at the age of 17 in the UK. She has a passion for ongoing research and development in science, skincare and true aromatherapy chemistry.

Respected in her field as an educator and trainer, Ruth is committed to offering professional and holistic expertise in skin and body health.

Following formal training in England as a Beauty Therapist, and with more than 18 years experience, she has practiced all aspects of health and beauty, including facials, electrical facial modalities, massage, lymphatic drainage, electrical body treatments, waxing, electrolysis, makeup, aromatherapy, nutrition, exercise, manicures, pedicures, and weight loss management.