Organic Facials for Teens

I love to help teenagers with their skin and gently guide (educate) them along the way as their skin transitions through challenging hormone changes etc. 

Most teens need a little help at some point with a few breakouts or blemishes.

Teens need basic hygiene education and encouragement to take care of their skin health.

Every facial is customized at the time of service!

  • Deep Clean Organic TEEN Facial (extended)

*Teen favorite! For blemished skin. 

Educating teens on good skincare is one of our passions.

$112.50 (75+ min)
  • Mini Organic TEEN Facial (basic)

Good introduction. Offers good skincare advice for teens.

$75 (45 min)
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Now offering an express deep cleansing clarifying facial!

Enjoy a great new quick 30 min Rhonda Allison 'chirally correct' antibacterial facial for Fall (with minor extractions).

Awesome for teens or anyone wanting fresh beautiful skin!

Located inside SOLA SALON SUITES