Rhonda Allison Skincare

Rhonda Allison skincare peels and homecare products are available at the spa by special request. You can book a complimentary consultation online to discuss skin challenges and a good skincare peel choice.

Ruth ensures all peels are fresh for best results, so they are specially ordered when needed. Rhonda Allison requires that pre and post care kits be purchased by every client who schedules a peel, so that you get the best results.

Although Rhonda Allison is not an organic line it is a chirally correct line which is a unique chemistry process of using chiral molecules (skin friendly) plus it means that irritating components in many standard spa skincare and peel ingredients are eliminated.

This line can be a beneficial choice in treating advanced acne and stubborn pigmentation etc. 

Have a healthy and relaxing July! Protect your body and skin with extra antioxidants and SPF.

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